Diary pg 193 Jan 8-9-1901



Diary pg 193 Jan 8-9-1901


- Mr McIntyre elected Mayor


We really got up a little
bit early this morning. Mr
McIntyre is Mayor.
Practiced 2 hours this morning.
Started to the Dr. at 20 min of 2
was back 20 min after. Turned
out stormy to–night. Musical
night, but if it had been
nice we would have
went to church instead.
Got Jany [sic] Ladies Home Journal.

Wednesday 9th
A very mild day. Eva was
in to see how Phoebe was.
The Dr was not in when I
first went in, but came in
soon. Mamma and I went
to the church. Papa could
not go as he was to meet Mr Coy.
They have mission books
with mission service
and mission hymns in which[?]
they use. Mr Murphy spoke
on Prodigal Son. Luke 15-17.
Mr Perry inquired after my cold.
Mrs Hodgins was there.

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[LOCAL]January 8-9, 1901

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