Diary pg 196 Jan 14-17 1901



Diary pg 196 Jan 14-17 1901


- Miss Lillian Carlsmith and New York Ladies Trio at Opera House


Very nice in morning
but turned out rainy.
Took all the pictures out
of all the “Musicians”. The little
Moore girl brought a slip
of paper with services on for this
week. Papa asked Mr & Mrs Coy
to go with them to the concert
as I can’t go. Miss Lillian
Carlsmith & the New York
Ladies Trio are in the Opera
House. Am reading the
“Wide, Wide World” over again.

Tuesday 15th
Could not go out again. Ella
came over in the afternoon.
Carman wants “She” and [xxx]
wants to come & see my fish. Papa
& mamma went to Notmans[?] to the

Wednesday 16th
Mrs Trusty is here. Papa won
the prize last night. Eva,
Tom and Jessie Jones were in for a
while was not out.

Thursday 17th
Papa went to Hamilton this morning.
I started out for a walk
to–day for the first. Then took
Scotch songs back to Carman’s Mrs
Carman entertained me. The “Etude”

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[LOCAL]January 14-17, 1901

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