Diary pg 192 Jan 6-7 1901



Diary pg 192 Jan 6-7 1901


- Winnie's 19th birthday, has throat treatment_
- Start of three week mission by Mr. Murphy_
- Election Day


To–day is the beginning of our
three weeks mission by Mr Murphy.
Sermon was on Rom VIII.29. Staid
to communion. When I came home
Dr Greenwood was there. He wants
me to come to his office to-morrow at
2. Went to Sunday School. Mr
Murphy addressed us. There
is to be a service for children
every day at 4.15 & adults at 8.
Papa, mamma & I were at church. Sermon Gen VII.16

Monday 7th
My birthday 19 yrs old. At noon
Eva came in with a
birthday present. A football
with an inkwell inside.
Mamma went with me
to the doctor as I was going
to have my throat treated.
We went into Carroll’s to see
how they were. I went to
the office & waited for mamma.
She got me a Golden Text
Book for 1901 and I went to
Miss Boyle’s to have may waist
tried on. Election day. We did
not go to the missions to–day.

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[PERSONAL]January 6-7, 1901

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