Diary pg 199 Jan 24-26 1901



Diary pg 199 Jan 24-26 1901


- Winnie's father attends Hi Henry's minstrals


Mr & Mrs Pay were over for tea.
Had a pigeon for supper. I broke one
of the new saucers.

Thursday 24th
A gloomy day. The men fixed
the pipes this afternoon.
Mamma was over to Carman’s
for eggs. They are draping
our city buildings in black
in memory of the Queen. Papa
went to Hi Henry’s minstrals {1}
to–night. On Tuesday Mr
Stewart’s pet fox got away &
Laurie Wilson shot it. It killed
some of Mrs Pay’s chickens.

Friday 25th
One of pipes was put up wrong.
The men cam & fixed it.
Mamma was uptown
in afternoon. She got enough
brown goods to lengthen my
skirt. Got “Success”. The Buffalo
Express is full of pictures of
the Queen.

Saturday 26th
Took me lesson this morning
Mr Read said he was glad to see
me. Have 3rd of Mendelssoln’s. In
the afternoon I went over to
see Leta. She was just going to [xxx]
at Home at Annie McEdward. Got the
Journal to – night & a nice calendar
from Peter’s Cartridge Co.

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[PERSONAL]January 24-26, 1901

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