This is history in the making.

The world's reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is historic.  

We encourage you to document your experiences with the pandemic in whatever way is most comfortable to you - diaries, blogs, photographs, drawings, videos, etc.  and share them on this website.   It does not have to be polished and perfect.  Your words, your means of expression, your truth are what is important here.  These are building blocks of history. The Brock University Archives, in partnership with the Digital Scholarship Lab, want to collect and preserve Niagara's stories around the COVID-19 outbreak. 

There are three ways to contribute to the project:

  1. Upload your digital materials to this website - digital photos, videos, texts, Tweets, blog posts, etc.
  2. Answer eight questions for your thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic.  Q&A 1, Q&A2, Q&A3, 1 Year Q&A
  3. Donate your physical records such as a diary or journal, letters, and printed photos to the Brock University Archives  

Each process is detailed in the tabs above.  Click View The Archives to see what has been preserved so far.