Below are eight questions for your experiences and thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it. None of these questions are mandatory - only those fields with an asterisk *.  Answer however you wish.  A few points before you start:

1 Year Q&A

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Question 1: What is your earliest memory of the COVID-19 virus arriving in the Niagara area? How did you initially feel? How do you feel now?

Question 2: How long did you expect the pandemic to last in those early months? What are your thoughts now?

Question 3: Twelve months in, what have been the most challenging aspects of the pandemic? What could have been done better?

Question 4: Silver linings - What positive experiences had you had that may not have happened without the time at home due to the pandemic - new hobbies, home renovations, new relationships, etc.?

Question 5: Have you had direct experience with COVID-19 either as a patient or a caregiver? Describe the experience while honouring confidentiality.

Question 6: Vaccination programs have begun. Will you get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity? Why or why not?

Question 7: What are your biggest concerns for the upcoming year?

Question 8: What are you most excited to do when the pandemic is formally over?

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