Below are eight questions for your experiences and thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and our response to it. None of these questions are mandatory - only those fields with an asterisk *.  Answer however you wish.  A few points before you start:

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Question 1: As of this date, in what ways has COVID-19 affected you at work / school / other?

Question 2: How has it affected you at home? How are you passing the time?

Question 3: What are your biggest concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak?

Question 4: Do you know someone who has contracted the virus (no names please)? What has that experience been like for the individual(s) and those around them?

Question 5: What are your opinions on how the media has covered the pandemic?

Question 6: Do you feel like your local leaders - medical, political, business - are doing a good job in responding to COVID-19? What about at the provincial or national level?

Question 7: When do you think this will end?  What challenges are still ahead? What will be different? What will be better?

Question 8: Is there anything else that you would like to say about the COVID-19 pandemic?

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