BU Treasuries


Brock University Treasures

Archives and Special Collections at Brock University houses seven items from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance (1200-1450/1550). These rare artefacts will be featured on this page.  Brock University treasures from this period include the Clopton Charter (c.1241; England); Breviary, two ff. (c.1350-1400; perhaps French); Music Manuscript, one folio (c.1450-1550; perhaps Spanish / Portuguese ); Music manuscript, one folio (c.1450-1550; perhaps Spanish/ Portuguese); Notorial Transumpt (1497; Scottish); Medieval Bible, one folio, (c.1200); Music Manuscript, four ff. (c. 1450).

Thank you to David Sharron, archivist at Brock University, for making these items availble to the students of MARS/ENGL2P95 at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies to enhance our reading of the Middle Ages.

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