Kendra Bosse, Relationship as Deep as The Ocean, 2021. Image credit: Cree Tylee, 2021. 


Bosse’s work focuses on cherished memories and close relationships. She uses the loss of her mother and her sibling relationship as an inspiration to create large scale works with underlying messages of intimacy and connection. Using photographic and printmaking processes, Bosse communicates the way that those around her impact her who she is. She finds solace in nature and tries to bring this into her art through organic materials and experimental techniques.  

Cree Tylee, At the beach I and II, 2021. Image credit: Cree Tylee, 2021. 


(A)part asks the viewer to consider loss and longing, memories which fade, yet are accessible in bursts of recollections; and comfort which is both ever-present and ultimately missing. Tylee’s work alludes to a metaphysical environment, where memories may go when we’re not looking. With family photographs, Tylee depicts moments of life, particularly focusing on shared memories and experiences. Considering ideas of identity formation and the muddling of memory retrieval over time, Tylee aims to a consider each episodic memory which presents itself as its own ambiguous macrocosm, amending each image in response to further personal understanding of the universal concepts of grief, loss, and longing.