28 October 2023

On a weekend in October 1974, novelist and Oulipo member George Perec sits in cafés at the Place St Sulpice in Paris and notes down everything that passes through his field of vision. His observations are published in L’infra-ordinaire (1989).

On Saturday 28 October 2023, members and friends of the Research Centre in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Culture at Brock University go on a panoramic walk (approximately 2.5 hours) in Toronto during which they make regular stops to write, record, draw, photograph, or document otherwise their observations of land-, sound-, and city-scapes.

Itinerary: Union Station, Sugar Beach, Toronto Harbour Pier-35, Distillery District, David Crombie Park, return to Union Station

Artists/Authors: Ami Xherro, Benjamin de Boer, Catherine Parayre, Declan Ouellette, Derek Knight, Geoff Farnsworth, Lissa Paul, Nicholas Hauck, Sarah Paul, Troy Ouellette

Their observations (textual notations, images, sound and video recordings) are collected in an 8-minute video. 

Texts appear linearly in the Appendix.                                                                      
Copyrights: The Artists/Authors, 2024