The Rest of the Trip

Map of the full tour of the Prince of Wales in 1860.

Albert Edward - The Prince of Wales

From St. Catharines, the Prince traveled by train to Hamilton, Windsor and through the United States.  Just as in Canada, Albert Edward was received enthusiastically in America.  He visited major cities in the central and northeast states such as Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinatti, Philadephia, New York, Boston and Portland, Maine.

In total, Albert Edward's journey lasted four months and was a huge success.  It strengthened ties between England and British North America just as it was maturing into its own nation of Canada.  The warm welcome from the United States improved the relationship between the two nations as the second industrial revolution began to hit its stride.  And it paved the way diplomatically for the future as the young and affable prince would later become King Edward VII with the passing of Queen Victoria.

It also allowed the cities and people at each stop to celebrate themselves and their communities.  It did not always go as planned as the visit to Niagara displayed.  But everyone put their best foot forward when the Prince passed through and the world was able to see what made Canada such a great place.