People of English Electric, Canada

English Electric management included: Crawford Gordon Jr., President; H.C. Blenkhorn, Vice President and General Manager; 
C.W. Baker, Chief Engineer; J.A. McIntyre, Personnel Manager; C.C. Mills, Works Manager; G.E. Dunfield, Sales Manager 
and G. Harrison, General Foreman

Shown here are: A.J. Bennett, Plant Manager; J.H. Barber, Production Manager; D. Gibson, 
Chief Inspector; G. Harrison, General Foreman; H.C. Minns, Plant Engineer; G.J. Murphy, Methods
Engineer; F. Derocher, Motor Department; W.E. Cox, Pattern Shop; S.A. Wiklund, Tool Room; 
C. Smith, Press Room; R.H. Starsmeare, Machine Shop; A. Allan, Welding Shop; A.G. Campbell, 
Switchgear Department; A.B.C. Davey, Test Department and E. Benn, Transformer Department

A much loved and respected member of the English Electric staff was Kitty who was employed to watch for rats. Kitty began 
in the Winding Gallery but thought that the ladies were a little envious of her so she transferred her attention to 
Mr. Anthony and Mr. Keough, the night man. [These facts are taken from an "interview" with Kitty which was featured in 
the  Christmas, 1943 issue of "Highlights."]

By 1948, some staff changes and transfers had taken place at English Electric. These are some of the employees that were
part of a new department. The members of the Production Engineering Department were:  J. Newell, Foreman of the
Transformer Test; W.R. Gilligan, Assistant Foreman in the new Press Room; J.G. Alston, Foreman of the Transformer Department;
W.G. Brady, Foreman of the Motor Department; D.A. Swan, Supervisor of the Publicity Department; A.B.D. Davey, Foreman of the
Motor Test; A. Catton, Foreman of the Tool Room and A.R. Rupp, Supervisor of the Product Engineering Department.

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