Large Projects

A 225-ton transformer was built at English Electric in St. Catharines. This was the largest transformer to be built in Canada at that time. It took up 34 by 29 feet of floor space and had an equivalent physical capacity of 33,333 k.v.a.  [kilovolt-amps measure].

Charles Daley, Labour Minister and Crawford Gordon Jr., company president  inspect the transformer. 
This is from the May 15, 1947, St. Catharines Standard

The transformer beginning its journey to British Columbia in 1947.

This giant transformer was completed for a Vancouver firm. At the top we see an inspection party consisting of: Roger Baker of the engineering staff; W.A. Darker; Alderman Wilfred Bald; Mayor W.J. Macdonald; H.C. Blenkhorn; T.J. Cook, Finance Commissioner; S.K. Watt and Assessment Commissioner M.H. Laird.

The workmen appear to be tiny beside this huge 30 ton, 5,000 horsepower pulpwood grinder.  
This was shipped to Three Rivers, Quebec.

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