When you are known by your peers as 'The Legend,' it is best to let that person introduce himself.

Over twenty years ago, I began in advertising as a copywriter. I was proud to be a writer then. I am even more proud today. Even though I have achieved other positions, and I enjoy them as well, nothing gives me more pleasure or a greater sense of professionalism than making an ad. 

Our working principles are simple. Every ad we create is tailor made. We have no formulae or format. We believe we must take as much care and concern with a small print ad as we do with a major television campaign. We feel our reputation is part of everything we create. We believe we are in the business of creating traffic and trial. We can create material that will bring consumers to a product or service.   

We believe the ad should live. We beileve in being human both in our business and in our advertising.

Terry O'Malley wrote this as the President and Executive Creative Director of Vickers & Benson (V&B) which at the time was one of the largest advertising agencies in Canada.  The core of the business, good writing and good relationships, still loomed large in the mind of a veteran.  This is why the slogan for V&B during much of Terry's tenure was:

We really believe in what we do.

This exhibit will look at some of the major ad campaigns developed over the course of Terry O'Malley's remarkable career in marketing and advertising.  The records displayed here are part of Terry's own archives that are preserved in the Brock University Library.