To look, looking

Meagan Diaz Flores



The heavy snow that hit southern Saskatchewan over the weekend is no longer a problem.






Walking past



Small form factor, yet great sound quality



It is the life



The relationship of coral and wine would not exist without the forces of life on earth.  Plants (and bacteria), minerals, animals, and even human activity all affect the taste, smell



The leaves are folded, and when the sun warms them in spring, they burst out from their dried-up pods.  Lavender can be grown without a climate-appropriate greenhouse



No doubt this explains my lifelong fascination with planes, whether the sleek cargo and passenger liners of the Royal Mail fleet, the blue and white patina of the Etihad's sapphire sky




It is often used in forests to travel to nearby waterfalls or swimming pools for recreation






She is red, there's a planet and its red





But the bottle itself is not all that special. It's made of aluminum with a plastic cap