Curatorial Statement

In a reflection on the creative process, six artists choose a title from an arbitrary list and illustrate it in ten photographs. They then use the photographs as a starting point to generate textual content. The outcome is a series of disconcerting yet coherent sets of photographs and short statements.


Gertrude Brew: Hanging / Meagan Diaz Flores: To look, looking / Iryna Kompanets: Fall (v) / Shawn Lee: Midst / Stéphan Legagneur: Luxury / Travis Seetoo: Stack

Their work responds to artist Seth Weiner's presentation on how to experience process and produce expressive text-and-image content (Weiner is a 2022-2023 Walker Cultural Leader in the Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture), and follows artist talks by Karin Di Bella, Amy Friend, and David Vivian at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, Brock University.

Curator: Catherine Parayre

All contributions are copyrighted.