Samuel Jarvis

Political Scrutiny

His performance as the Superintendent of Indian Affairs was heavily scrutinized, with multiple inquiries. Ultimately, he was found to be an incompetent administrator and possibly dishonest. The department’s accounts were poorly managed, with as much as £9000 unaccounted for. The office of chief superintendent was abolished in 1845, and Jarvis was forced into retirement. Despite his attempts to clear his name on charges of speculation, he was never able to.   Up until his death in 1857, Jarvis continued to try to sort out his financial affairs and pay off his debts. 

Samuel Jarvis was a notable figure in Upper Canada.  He held several important political posts, served in many battles during the War of 1812, and was involved in some historically notable events.  His duel with John Ridout and raid on William Lyon Mackenzie's print shop illustrate a tendency to act rashly, which likely hurt his career prospects.    He remains an important and interesting person in the history of Upper Canada.


Corresponsdence and Accounts of Samuel Jarvis, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, 1842-1847