Recollections of Port Dalhousie

Port Dalhousie- I remember as a child, taking off my shoes and socks, having the waves cleanse my feet. I also would look out into the horizon and see sailboats, embarking on another adventure. Finally, I would take a nickel, hand it to the attendant, and bob up and down on the animals at the carousel, listening to the Artizan organ in my childhood glory. However, now the image of Port Dalhousie in my mind changes. Long ago, those same waters that washed my feet, carried with it the sounds of ships. The ships were huge, carrying with them the seeds of modernization. 

Along with the ships and the railways, echoes of laughter flocked the beaches. The spirit of Port Dalhousie carries with it the sounds of the colourful amusement park rides, children rushing to swim in the crystal-clear waters, the clink of change as people go on the next ride round the carousel. This is the story of Port Dalhousie -a history that combines shipping and recreation. Next time you visit , try to imagine the ships bobbing up and down in the horizon, or the silent drone of the long-extinct rides.