Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park operated from May 24th to Labour Day weekend, and it was open on Saturdays in September, weather permitting. There were weekly stage shows which featured magicians. Magicians did tricks such as handcuffing themselves in chairs, one magician almost drowned in a 32 gallon milk can, and another magician buried himself in a grave. In 1935, there was a hired band who performed in the pavilion from 8pm to midnight six days a week, and Wednesday and Saturday from one to four. 

There were many games and rides in 1925. However, unlike amusement parks today, the rules for the games were quite regimented. Anyone who played a game had to win a prize. The set price for all games were 10 cents and all the rides were 10 cents. The only rides that were not 10 cents was the carousel and the aeroplane swings which cost 5 cents. This particular photo depicts children on the aeroplane swing with vendors and tourists in the background. The last year there were rides and recreation of this sort was 1969. The aeroplane ride was bought and its parts were sold to numerous people. One part was used as a flower planter. 


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