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Rebellion of 1837-38 in Niagara


Archival Materials

Resolutions passed by the House of Assembly on the subject of breach of neutrality and aggression, 1838, RG 252, Brock University Archives.

Rebellion Losses Claims in the Niagara District belonging to Thomas Clark Street, 1847.  Thomas Clark, Samuel Street, and Thomas Street Collection, 1820-1872, RG 277, Brock University Archives.

Laura Dexter letter, commenting on the McLeod murder trial, October 5, 1841, RG 494.  Brock University Archives.

The Constitution, Toronto, Upper Canada, September 6, 1837.  Woodruff Family Fonds, RG 519, Brock University Library.

Letter to Colonel R. Nelles, Commander of the 4th Lincoln Militia, from Brook Young, Lieutenant Colonel at the Brigade Office in Drummondville, May 27, 1838.  Woodruff Family Fonds, RG 519, Brock University Archives.

List of Officers and dates of commissions and appointments in the 4th Regiment of the Lincoln Militia, June 18, 1838.   Woodruff Family Fonds, RG 519, Brock University Archives.  

Drawing, St. Catharines House on February 26, 1849.  Woodruff Family Fonds, RG 519, Brock University Archives.

Map--Copy from Mr. [David] Thompson's Map of the Boundary line between Upper Canada and the United States.  Jarvis Family Fonds, 1789-1847, RG 563, Brock University Archives.

Proclamations by William Lyon Mackenzie and Sir Francis Bond Head, December 1837, RG 606.  Brock University Archives.

The Great Fall of Niagara, 1838, RG 639.  Brock University Archives.

Letters from Andrew Relph to Captain Benjamin Burlingame, 1831-1838, RG 648, Brock University Archives.

First Lincoln Militia Regimental Orders, November 19, 1838, RG 656, Brock University Archives.

Letter to B. Burwell, M.D., Buffalo, from J.W. Clark, January 15, 1838.   Burwell-Clark-Glenny Family Fonds, 1817-1878, RG 668, Brock University Archives.  

Letter from Daniel Webster, 1841, RG 686, Brock University Archives.

Circular to Postmasters in both the Canadas from T.A. Stayner, D.P.M.G., General Post Office, Quebec, November 25, 1837.  Alexander Hamilton/Early Canada Post Office Collection, 1775-1983, RG 699.  Brock University Archives.



The Corrector, January 11, 1838.

The Volunteer, July 10, 1841.  SPCL PER AP 2 V65



The Cutting out of the Caroline, 1838.

Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a letter from the Marshal of the Northern District of the State of New York, respecting disturbances on the Canadian frontier, 1838.

A review of the case of Alexander McLeod:  recently determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New York, 1841.


Other Sources

Alexander McLeod, Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

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