Welland Canals Society

Merritt Trail opening

The Welland Canals Society was a coalition of business, tourism, heritage, and recreational groups that joined with the regional government in 1986 to promote the redevelopment of the Welland Canals Corridor.  The mandate of the Society was to provide leadership and assistance to the public and private sectors in achieving heritage-sensitive and tourism/recreation related economic development in the Welland Canals Corridor. 

One of their projects was the creation of the Merritt Trail in St. Catharines.  The Society began construction of the trail in 1980.  It was completed in 1986 and takes pedestrians and cyclists by many of the old sections of the second Welland Canal.

The society folded in 1991 due to government funding cuts.  The Welland Canals Society fonds contains extensive information about their activities and includes meeting minutes, clippings, and photographs.

Merritt Trail opening

Merritt Trail

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