Niagara Restoration Council

The Niagara Restoration Council (NRC) is a not-for-profit environmental organization whose mandate is to protect, maintain and actively restore the ecosystems of Niagara.   The Council originated in 1989 as the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) for the Niagara River Remedial Action Plan.   The PAC represented community stakeholders and advised a team of scientists and engineers.

By 1997, support for the Remedial Action Plan process was diminishing.  In order to remain relevant, the PAC incorporated to become the Niagara River Restoration Council.  The Council worked to support the Remedial Action Plan by creating partnerships with the community and private sector.  In 2001, the Niagara River Restoration Council became the Niagara Restoration Council (NRC).  The Council now focuses on environmental projects which involve public education and public awareness, while partnering with different sectors of the Niagara Community. 

Their projects have included the removal of fish barriers, the Grassy Brook aquatic rehabilitation project, wildlife corridor enhancement of creek subwatersheds, and building stream buffers for Niagara's rivers.  More information on these initiatives, and other projects of the Niagara Restoration Council, can be found in the Niagara Restoration Council fonds

Niagara Restoration Council brochure

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