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The cover of a booklet of postcards featuring scenes of Niagara Camp, 1917.

The collecting of postcards as souvenirs was common.  Virtually any experience or event could be remembered with a souvenir postcard.   Such postcards could be kept as a reminder of the experience, or mailed to family and friends to provide them with a snapshot of the sender's current surroundings.  

Niagara Camp was a military training camp in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  During the first World War, it was used to train recruits.  Thousands of soldiers and visitors came to Niagara-on-the-Lake during the war because of the camp.  A booklet of postcards was produced containing a variety of scenes from the Camp, providing the viewer with a glimpse of what life was like at Niagara Camp during the first World War. 

Overseas Forces, Niagara Training Camp

Governor General and Headquarters Staff at Niagara Camp

Fort George Hospital, Niagara Camp

Forces resting at Niagara Camp

Route March, Overseas Forces approaching Brock's Monument

Sample of Overseas Forces at Niagara Camp

Premier Borden reviewing Overseas Forces

Red Cross leaving Niagara Camp

Overseas Forces leaving Niagara Camp