Niagara Falls Stereo Cards

Island Bridges

Luna Island

Luna Island is a small island located at the brink of the American Falls and to the north of Goat Island.  It separates the American Falls from the Bridal Veil Falls (a smaller waterfall located next to the American Falls).  In the 1800s lunar rainbows were visible over the island when the moon was bright, which is why it was named Luna Island.  This effect is seldom seen today because of the nightly illumination of the Falls.

A bridge connecting Goat Island to Luna Island provides tourists with the opportunity to view these two waterfalls from the island that separates them.  

Bridge to Luna Island, Niagara Falls

A couple walking over the Bridge of Sighs in winter, Luna Island, 1893 

Three Sisters Islands

Three Sisters Islands are found along the south shoreline of Goat Island, further up from the brink of the Falls.  The islands are named after the daughters of General Parkhurst Whitney, a prominent citizen of Niagara Falls, New York, who operated the Cataract House Hotel in Niagara Falls, New York.  

The islands are connected by bridges and provide an ideal spot for viewing the rapids above the Horseshoe Falls.  

Bridge to Three Sister Islands

Bridge to Third Sister Island, with a woman at the front of the bridge