Donna Szőke: Pandemic Time

Pandemic Time. Free mail art, adhesive vinyl, 23 x 23 cm., 2020. Edition of 24.

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I chose one of the images from my book The Redacted Dark and reproduced it in adhesive vinyl as I found the image poetically apt as an image of the experience of time during the early months of the pandemic. I created an edition of 24 to give away as free mail art for the exhibition Interiors. I hope the recipients will install the vinyl on their interior wall, in a place where one might hang an actual clock. One other version is currently in process: Pandemic Time (free zoom wallpaper). Available soon! 

Donna Szőke is a Canadian artist whose practice includes video, animation, media art, installation, drawing, writing and collaboration. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Cuba and Dubai, UAE. Szoke’s art practice began in Winnipeg, Manitoba designing for Guy Maddin’s early films, creating performance art and conceptually based drawings. After moving to Vancouver her practice shifted to digital video, collaboration, and installation. Her recent work includes interactive animation and printmaking. Her work is informed by critical studies with repeating themes of immanence, embodied perception, and the fluidity of lived experience. She has received numerous awards for her art research from funders including SSHRC, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, and Ontario Arts Council. She holds a BA, BFA, Sculpture Diploma, and an Interdisciplinary MFA.

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