Catherine Parayre: On Yates Street

Catherine Parayre loves art, enjoys writing and producing radio shows on visual art and literatures. She is co-editor of The Small Walker Press and editor of Voix plurielles (Association des de français des universités et collèges canadiens).

Outreach Activity: Your Turn to Create!
​​​​​​​On Yates Street is about looking at a room in which one spends a lot of time and imagining other surroundings. For instance, the room can be a bedroom, an office, a kitchen, and one can imagine landscapes, city streets, nature. Give it a try, write one page and send it to us!

TO SHARE YOUR CONTRIBUTION WITH US, click on Outreach Activities on the main site of the Interiors platform and send us your file in Word (for text only) or JPEG (for images). (Please do not send videos or audio recordings.)

Provide your name and your email address. If you wish to use a fictive name, don’t forget to include it. Your email address will not be made public; we will use it only if we need to be in touch with you.

The curatorial team reserves the right to edit or not publish inadequate submissions.

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