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Gardens in Niagara

Oakes Garden Theatre

Oakes Garden Theatre, 1938


Oakes Garden Theatre is located at the bottom of Clifton Hill at the entrance to Queen Victoria Park.  It is a unique mix of architectural and horticultural features, including an amphitheatre, curved pergola, water features, and formal gardens.  It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the American and Horseshoe Falls.


The Slomans at the main fountain in Oakes Garden Theatre, 1942


The garden was originally the site of the historic Clifton Hotel.  The first Clifton hotel was built in 1835 but was destroyed by fire in 1898.  It was rebuilt in 1905, only to burn down in 1932.  The land was then purchased by Harry Oakes, a wealthy gold mine owner and resident of Niagara Falls.  He donated the land to the Niagara Parks Commission and hired architects and landscape designers to create buildings, gardens, and sculptures for the space.  The garden opened in 1937 and was named Oakes Garden Theatre in honour of Harry Oakes.  


Oakes Garden Theatre