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Gardens in Niagara

Gardening Tips

Transplanting Directions

Nurseries would issue planting and care directions to customers who had purchased their stock in an effort to ensure that the plants would thrive.  They include sections on the preparation of the soil, planting, mulching, pruning, and how to care for specific plants.  

Pelham Nursery Company leaflet with planting directions

Stone and Wellington Nurseries planting directions

The leaflets shown here contain very similar information and indicate that failure of their stock to survive and thrive once sold is due to the neglect of the purchaser.  It is noted that "in presenting these instructions to our patrons, we would earnestly request that they give the most careful attention to the details.  They have been compiled with a view to make them as simple as possible, and having fulfilled our part of the contract, by delivering first-class stock in good condition, also giving all necessary instructions how to care for it, if any of our customers should lose a portion of their stock, the fault cannot be on our side.  Years of experience have taught us that the public lose nursery stock because they neglect it; and we have taken the precaution to send a copy of our Transplanting Directions to every customer, so that none may claim they do not know how to plant and care for their stock".   

Stone and Wellington planting guide.  These pages provide directions for growing peach trees, clematis, asparagus, grape vines, berries, and roses.

Growing Flowers

Growing Flowers was a publication issued by Tobe's Seeds in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  It was distributed to their customers or by request.  In the issue shown here from 1951, there are several articles with gardening tips.  Topics include living fences, planting and protecting roses, how to get rid of ants, and growing houseplants. 

Growing Flowers, Autumn 1951