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Estelle Cuffe Hawley


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  • Life Membership ORA

    A life membership card for the Ontario Recreation Association for Estelle Cuffe Hawley. It is made of metal and the presidents signature is engraved. The bottom of the card reads "Recreation is for everyone - All Ages - All Interests - Year Round"
  • Estelle Cuffe Hawley Pop Art

    Photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley made into pop art.
  • St. Catharines City Council, 1938

    A photograph of the St. Catharines City Council: Standing, left to right - Alderman Fred A. Beattie, Alderman Thomas B. Garland, Alderman Peter Grant, Alderman Arthur F. Go ring, (Chairman Civic Development Committee ) Alderman Frank A. Wilson (Chairman Arena Building Committee ). Seated, left to right - Alderman Charles K. Bradley (Chairman T raffic Improvement Committee ), Alderman Estelle B. Cuffe, His Worship Mayor John D. Wright, Alderman Fred I. Wherry, (Chairman Works Committee), Alderman James Barley (Chairman Finance Committee). The image is from the official Garden City Arena Programme for December 1938.
  • A Triumph, December 1938

    Notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley titled "A Triumph", 1938. She describes a party for retiring Mayor Wright and how she is kindly escorted by Alderman Beatty to the bar. She describes the initial issues between Beatty and herself and his general opposition to her ideas. They later "found much common ground, including a sense of humour." She concludes by restating the words Beatty shared at the party, "and then he said something like this, after paying tribute to the Wright's 'I would like to say something about alderman Cuffe. You all know I didn't want her or any woman on council. But I would like to say this, if the women of St. Catharines can produce more women like Alderman Cuffe, they can have my seat."
  • Campaign Fund Letter

    A campaign letter sent by Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning campaign contributions. She starts the letter with summation of her experience and accomplishments as an alderman and teacher and near the end of the letter she states "campaigns cost money and campaign funds are usually supplied by those who have political or economic axes to grind. Since I have never asked for, nor received any financial support to initiate and support whatever appeared to me to be in the best interest of the community as a whole. Therefore, if you personally feel that you could contribute, in a small way to my campaign fund, which I estimate to be about two hundred dollars, I would be most grateful to you".
  • Peace that Passeth Understanding

    An article written by Estelle B. Cuffe in late 1918, following the war. She writes about "Peace on the Battlefield", "Our Boys Reprieved" and "The Men Who Shirked". Estelle concludes her article with the following "But, after all, the job is done and well done. Hats off to those 'heroes and gentlemen'. They have had a rought[sic], hard time; they have hated and loathed it all, but with a grim and stubborn courage, resultant from the knowledge of the righteousness of their cause, they fought on, and they have made the glorious victory ours. To those who shall come home comes the sense of duty done, and the peace of an unaccusing conscience. To our fallen heroes - theirs is the 'peace of God which passeth all understanding.'" Estelle's brother was one of the heroes who was called to duty and died during his time in service. This article was one of many Estelle wrote for the Peterborough Review.
  • Voice of Women Poem

    A poem from a collection of works by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. This poem is titled "The Voice of Women" and begins "December eighth, nineteen sixty-one here at Tarleton Trees new snow nestles in the foliage of cedars; has laid a soft coverlet over trilliums, tulips, forget-me-nots and all the other loveliness that will be a garden come April."
  • Democratic Responsibility

    A speech titled "Our Democratic Responsibility" by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. Within the speech, Cuffe Hawley mentions "...we must face the fact that only by political action can our desires for society become realities; we must choose the political party which will best translate our desires into reality and we must support this party to the limit of our resources and capacity." She goes on to say "On the basis of all the foregoing facts and of my own experience, I have reached the conclusion, after careful deliberation, that the welfare of all the people can best be served by the election of a CCF Government in Ontario on the 4th of August." Estelle Cuffe Hawley proceeds to explain the platform of the CCF party.
  • Selling to Women

    An article from The Monthly Agency Review, published by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, titled "Selling to Women" by Miss E.B. Cuffe. The introduction states that Estelle is a decade into service as a Sun Life Representative. Some of the headings within the article are: Younger Women Are Best Prospect Group, Savings Appeal Stronger, T.D.B. and Cash Values, 'Suppose You Marry...', Oil for Marital Waters, For Men Only. She concludes her article with "Being in the great minority in this agency (but no oppressed one, I assure you) perhaps I've been overbold in casting aspersions on the way in which men sometimes approach women to sell them insurance."
  • Article - "Reward for a Job Well Done"

    A newspaper article called "Reward for a Job Well Done" from the Orillia Packet and Times in 1961. The article reads "Mrs. Hubert Hawley of Atherley, left is presented with a lifetime membership engraved on silver when she retired after six years as editor of the Ontario Recreation Association's magazine, 'ORA', which is printed in Orillia."
  • ORA Recreation Bulletin

    Issue No. 8 of the ORA (Ontario Recreation Association) for September - October 1955. This is the first issue that Estelle Cuffe Hawley is editor. She would continue to be editor for six years. In this issue the highlights are "ORA News, What Zones are doing, Hallowe'en suggestions, Programme features".
  • 100th Birthday Certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien

    A congratulatory certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Estelle Cuffe Hawley for her one hundredth birthday.
  • Read the Record

    A small pamphlet distributed by Estelle Cuffe as candidate for Mayor. Within the pamphlet is a list of "some matters to which I have given leadership and active support over the last ten years." Also included is a short three item list of "important re-solutions introduced by me."
  • Estelle Cuffe Hawley Mayoral Race, 1943

    A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley used during her mayoral race in 1943/1944.
  • Estelle Cuffe Hawley Convocation

    A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley during convocation as she receives her honourary law degree.
  • Letter from Ted Cuffe to Estelle Cuffe Hawley, 1914

    A letter from Ted Cuffe to his sister Estelle Cuffe on "YMCA with His Majesty's Canadian Forces on Active Service" letterhead. In the letter he writes, "Just a line to let you know I have been accepted for immediate Overseas Service." He also mentions that he has received packages from family while away training. He mentions that he is currently in a musketry course.
  • Peterborough Collegiate Institute Commencement Exercises, 1912

    A programme of the commencement exercises for Peterborough Collegiate Institute in the year 1912. Within the programme, Estelle Cuffe is listed as an "honours normal entrace" candidate. On the reverse she is also listed under "complete matriculation standing".
  • Estelle Cuffe Hawley

    A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley as a young woman. A portrait style photograph by "Roy Peterboro, Canada".
  • William John Drope

    A photograph of William John Drope in robe. The reverse of the photo reads "Principal Drope at the end of June 1921 (as seen in the Lake Lodge Record - midsummer 1921).
  • Harriet Araminta Drope Cuffe

    Wedding photograph of Harriet Araminta Drope Cuffe. This is the mother of Estelle Cuffe Hawley. The reverse of the photograph reads "Harriet Araminta Drope Cuffe married Jan. 25, 1888. This was made from Ann's original Xmas 1972. Hope you love it as I do. Willa". Harriet's father was William John Drope and mother was Jane Coyle.


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