The Centenary

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada decided that they wanted to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Isaac Brock's death. They joined with numerous other societies and planned a program at Queenston Heights. Other ideas were also implemented including: sermons regarding Brock at local churches; Indigenous students would be taught about Brock; salutes would be fired; and large delegations from political and historical societies would send representatives to Queenston Heights for the festivities.

Executive Committee

Back row: Miss Helen M. Merrill, honourary secretary and Col. George Ryerson, chairman
Second row: James L. Hughes, LL.D; J Castell Hopkins and J. Stewart Carstairs, B.A.
First row: Charles E. Macdonald; Alexander Fraser, LL.D. and F.D.L. Smith

A section of the crowd at the Centenary shows one of the military trophies of classical armour. A St. George's cross flag is also visible.

In 2003, Friends of Fort George and Parks Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of the monument's groundbreaking.

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