Commemorative Stamp of Isaac Brock, 1969



Commemorative Stamp of Isaac Brock, 1969


A Canadian stamp issued in 1969 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir Isaac Brock. It is based on a miniature watercolour on ivory painted by Gerald Sinclair Hayward in 1896, which in turn was based on the original portrait by J. Hudson. Also included on the stamp is a picture of Brock’s Monument in Queenston. Included with the stamp is a sketch of Brock’s military career, as well as a commemorative envelope with the same stamp affixed and postmarked. Inside this envelope is a gold coin with a profile portrait of Brock on one side with the following inscription “Major General Sir Isaac Brock K.C.B. 1769-1812”. The other side of the coin shows the coat of arms of Sir Isaac Brock.




Brock, Isaac, Sir, 1769-1812


Sir Isaac Brock collection, RG 582, Brock University Archives


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