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Ethelwyn Wetherald at home in Fenwick, Ontario.  Her home is often referred to as "Tall Evergreens".

After years away working in the field of journalism, Ethelwyn finally returned to her family farm, lovingly named "Tall Evergreens", in 1893.  It is here that Ethelwyn imersed herself in her poetry and was inspired by the nature of her surroundings.  She managed to amasse enough poetry to create a first book titled The House of the Trees and Other Poems published in 1895.  Her inspiration of home in Pelham township sparked even more writing and she accumulated enough poetry to publish Tangled in Stars in 1902, The Radiant Road in 1904 and The Last Robin in 1907.

Wetherald's poetry became very popular and she caught the attention of many, including Canada's Governor-General, Earl Grey and Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier.  

She was also admired by other great Canadian poets and corresponded with writers such as:  Duncan Campbell Scott, Bliss Carmen, Wilson MacDonald and others.

Handwritten poem "Tangled in Stars" in personal notebook of Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald.  This poem would later be published and the title of her second collection of poetry.

Cover of Last Robin published in 1907