Bel Thistlethwaite

Woman's World "A word on Woman Suffrage", Toronto Globe, 5 June 1888

Now in adulthood, Ethelwyn found her voice in the literary world working as a  contributing author to the Toronto Globe using the the nom de plume Bel Thistlethwaite (the name of her paternal Grandmother).  Her articles were editorial in style under the column "Woman's World".  Ethelwyn's writing focused on an array of topics from home decorating and health to corsets and women suffrage.  Some of the titles of her articles include "The Man's Side to the Woman Question", "Advice to an Engaged Girl", "Corsets Again, and "A word on Woman Suffrage".  At a time when women were not encouraged to share their opinions on such topics, she freely expressed her thoughts on these difficult subjects.  In her article concerning suffrage she remarks "From the discovery that she is a thinking, reasoning being, it is but a step to the knowledge of her rights and duties as a citizen and to her perception of the fact that those who are equally bound to submit to laws should have an equal voice in the construction of those laws."  

Her work for the Globe impressed many, including the editor.  The articles of Bel Thistlethwaite inspired the, then editor of the Globe, John Cameron to use Ethelwyn's talents for a newly founded magazine Wives and Daughters.  Ethelwyn was responsible for a great deal of the writing, including editorial work, book reviews and selected poetry.  This would be the catalyst to her devoting more of her writing time to creating poetry of her own.