Diary entry of Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald, March 1939.  There is a description of the weather and a poem titled "Sympathy" included.

Even in her final years, Ethelwyn's instinct to write never ceased.  Her poetry can be found in her everyday items like her diary, amongst her appointments and notes.  In some instances she would describe her day or the weather and then begin to write in verse.  Ethelwyn's correspondence with friends and family were a means to continue to create poetry and even just before her death, she was sending letters that included her poetic musings.  It was March 1, 1940 when Ethelwyn passed away, but as her poetry is still quoted today, her legacy lives. 

Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald reading at home, 1938


by Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald

Unto my friends I give my thoughts,
Unto my God my soul.
Unto my foe I leave my love-

These are of life the whole.
Nay, there is something – a trifle – left
Who shall receive this dower?
See, Earth Mother, a handful of dust –
Turn it into a flower.