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A Journey through Niagara and beyond in 1850

Rochester and Albany

Steamboat Landing, Rochester, New York, 1850.  Library and Archives Canada.


On August 28 Baker arrived in Rochester.  He wrote "we stopped at the Eagle House, a very fine house and took breakfast.  Rochester is the handsomest place we have seen in the State of New York and far exceeds Buffalo".   The rest of the day was spent travelling, ending with a stop at the Delaware Temperance House, which he remarked was very near the depot.

Old State House, Albany.  This was the first official depository for the State's Natural History collection, which was housed here from 1842 to 1855.  From the New York State Education Department.


On August 29 Baker was in Albany, writing that "the City of Albany showed finely from our windows".   He took some time to tour the City, noting that "peaches and fruit of every kind very plenty and cheap."  Baker also visited the State Geological and Agricultural Rooms and "spent some time in examining the specimens of Birds, Beasts, Insects, Indian Costumes, minerals, agricultural implements... It was a large and very valuable collection".   The remainder of the day was spent travelling.  He ended the day in Springfield, 102 miles from Albany.