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A Journey through Niagara and beyond in 1850


Stephens Baker (1791-1883) was a silversmith from Beverly, Massachusetts. He served as a postmaster, county commissioner, justice of the peace, public notary, and was a charter member of the Liberty Masonic Lodge.   In 1850 he travelled from his home near Boston to Canada, making stops in many notable places along the way, including Niagara.  He kept a travel journal describing his journey and the sightseeing he did at his various stops.  Baker also includes some interesting commentary on his impressions of Canada and some historical events, including the War of 1812 and the Upper Canada rebellions of 1837-1838.   This exhibit traces Baker's journey using maps, descriptions from his journal  and images of the sights he visited to recreate his trip. 

Stephens Baker's 1850 travel journal.  The cover reads "Ten days tour to Vermont, Canada, the Lakes & c.”