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Loretto Academy, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Special Occasions



May-Day Celebration in 1897. The girls in the picture are: Mary Merle, Elsie Day, Lucille McGuire, Alice Geiger, Mildred Newman, Christine Barrett, Mary Cotter, Mabel Powell, Anna Merle, Kathleen O'Leary, Frances Stapleton, Maud Merle, Marguerite Brindley, Maud Engelking and Josephine Brann.

Graduation, 1898

First Communion, 1899

Graduation, 1899

Graduation, 1900

Graduation, 1906

Graduates of 1911

Graduation was always a glorious but bittersweet time at Loretto Niagara.  There was a lot of rehearsal to get the ceremony perfect. The girls were resplendant in their white dresses and carrying their bouquets of flowers. Countless hours were spent getting the choir ready to provide the music for the occasion. It was bittersweet because the school spirit and comeraderie which had been so much a part of the girls' lives would be tested by time and distance. This was especially true for the boarders for whom Loretto had been a second home. 

Graduation, 1940