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Loretto Academy, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Early Days

Loretto Academy

Loretto students always wore uniforms and in the early days, the students were required to wear a black dress without any silk or satin. No coloured dresses nor coloured trim of any kind were allowed. A white dress was worn for concerts. In the very early years of the school, there were a few male day students, but they were primary students (grades 1-3).  

Subjects which were offered in the early years included but were not limited to: literature, French, German, penmanship, drawing, history, grammar, geography, Christian doctrine, music, deportment, sewing and drawing. There were also subjects which were taught by persons outside of the community. There would be a fee charged for these subjects.  A student could be schooled in various instruments such as harp, piano, guitar or violin. Elocution was thought to be very important and moral education was stressed.