Religious Study

Lake Lodge Choir

The choir : Herbert, Owen, Owen, Shore, W.A. Page, Paddon, Barrow , Fraser , E. Dunn, Vipond, D. Smith, Blackmore, Lindsay, Frid, Fraser, Dignam, L. Dunn,  Reynolds, Fitzgerald, Morrison, Hervey, Owen, D. Kneeland, Kabelin and Vipond. 

Boys were required to attend church services which were approved of by their parents or guardians.  Lake Lodge School was affiliated with the Church of England (Anglican). Bible study would form a part of each day. Catechism was taught if desired and prayers were said each morning and evening. Each Sunday, the boys, dressed in their Sunday finery, with their shoes shined, would walk two and a half miles to St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Grimsby. 

Lake Lodge Students on the way to a Church Service