Lake Lodge Record

The "Lake Lodge Record" was a semi-annual journal which was run and edited by the students of Lake Lodge School.  The "Old Boys" were always featured in this journal - Lake Lodge School was very proud of its alumni. There were Old Boys' supplements and Old Boys' news. Sports were always well documented and all events and games were thoroughly covered. There was also Cadet news and Choir news. The "Lake Lodge Record" contained jokes and literature....some of it aimed at the staff or students.

Advertising for "Lake Lodge Record", 1917

Old Boys Article, 1929

A poem from the "Lake Lodge Record", 1917 - no author listed

Here we see some of the jokes and humour that the boys felt compelled to put into  their journal. Archives and Special Collections at Brock University Library has a collection of "Lake Lodge Record" journals from Volume 1, no.1, 1916 right up to the Christmas 1931 issue. Please refer to PER FC 3153 G83 Z523

Lake Lodge had a tradition of taking a photo of the tallest and shortest students together.