Diary pg_0020 Jan 27-28



Diary pg_0020 Jan 27-28


January Saturday 27 1900
Took my music lesson. Had
to go to Eckhardts after a piece
"Pierrette" by Chaminde Op 41
About tweleve o'clock two
women called with a book
they were trying to sell, and
were more bother than their
worth. Mamma & I went
uptown. I took Mr Henderson's
umbrella home. I bought
three sponge taffy squares as I
had 3 coppers. Mr Overholt came
here. Papa went up to meet him
and they did not get back until 2 o'clock

Sunday 28
Papa & Mr Overhold saw Charlie
Gould. Did not go to church as
it was after time when we
got up from breakfast. About
12 o'clock Charlie & Mr Dean
a friend of his came down.
When they went to catch 2.45
train Mr Overhold went with
them. Went to Sunday School
The lesson was the
"Temptation of Jesus" Did not
go at night as mamma
said she would go to
sleep as was up so
late last night.