Diary Page 166



Diary Page 166


People: Frank Overholt, Eloise Hamilton, Grace & Mayde Greenwood, Allie & Mallie, & Bessie Elliot. Mr Skey & Mr. Lane, Beatrice
Locations: Eckhardt's
Literature: "A Strange temptation" by Mrs. Spender


November 15

Papa went to the office
in the morning then
came home early in
the afternoon as Frank
Overholt was coming to
help him skin the deer.
Papa got the picture of the
twins. I was uptown to
Eckhardt's. Did not get
what I was after. Had
my waist tried on. Wrote
out papa's diary to-night.

November 16

I got a book in the
library yesterday "A Strange
Temptation" by Mrs Spender.
Mamma went uptown
in the afternoon for
some cake and to see if
they wanted her to help at
the church. Papa went with
mamma & I then came
back later. I was talking
with Eloise Hamilton then I got
with Grace & Mayde Greenwood, Allie &
Mallie, & Bessie Elliot. Mr Skey[?] &
Mr Lane gave speeches and
Beatrice & I played. Had a very
good time. I have to play on

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