Diary Page 164



Diary Page 164


- Winnie elected to Y.P.A music committee


November 11

Got ready for church but it
looked rainy and I did
not go. I was picking out
a ring I would like.
Have been reading "Vanity
Fair". Went to Sunday School.
Had Mrs Chatfield. There
is a social of the Y.P.A.
on Wednesday and the
congregational social in
Friday night.

November 12

Mamma cleaned the pantry
and got the plants in
We went uptown in
the afternoon. I had to
go to Miss Boyles to have
my waist fit. Miss Nelson
has a lot of pretty paintings.
We were at Madame
Sullivans about mammas
skirt and she had forgotten
about it. Miss Buckeley is
dead. Died yesterday afternoon.
Yern[?] Healey came down at
night to tell me Mr Penny
had elected me on the Music
Committee of the Y. P. A. and
I have to go Wednesday.

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[PERSONAL]November 11-12, 1900

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