Diary Page 163



Diary Page 163


People: Allie Coy, Dick, Sid, Eva, Miss Boyle, Mr. Read
Literature: "Vanity Fair" by Thackeray "Way Down East"
Music: I love thee by Grieg and La Papillon. Etude de concert by C. Lavallee.


November 9

Very cold and snowy.
Mamma cleaned the
woodshed. I started to read
"Vanity Fair" by Thackeray.
Was uptown to-day.
Ordered chickens. Got another
card from papa. He and Frank
have one deer a piece and
expect to get their two.
Allie Coy came after the
[???]. Got a book describing
the play "Way down East" which
is to be here Monday night. We
have missed the good ones.

November 10

Took my lesson. After I went
to the office with a telegram
for Dick. Had to take it
myself as Sid was not there
yet. Cleaned my fish. Eva brought
me some taffy she made.
Then mamma and I went
uptown afternoon I got
enough red goods for a waist
Went to Miss Boyle's and had
my measure taken. I ordered
three pieces. I love thee by
Grieg, [???] by H. N. [???]
and La Papillon. Etude de
Concert by C. Lavallee. Got a
Catalogue from [???]. Mr Read
showed me some of R. Campbell's sketches.

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