Diary Page 162



Diary Page 162


- Election Day_
- Sir Wilfred Laurier at Welland Depot on Monday (Nov.5)_
- Sir Richard Cartwright at Opera House_
- Election victory for Liberals_
- Mr Joesph Murphy at Opera House in "Shaun Rhue"


November 7

Wash day. Rainy and
disagree able. Mamma went
uptown to the post in
the afternoon. Eva and
Tom were over at night
and Eva takes her first
music lesson to-morrow
of Miss Holden. Election day
to-day. Hurrah for [???].
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was here
Monday afternoon at the Welland
Depot and Sir Richard Cartwright
at the Opera House in the

November 8

Lancaster is elected but we
don't care. Laurier is in and
the [???] have the whale
show. I went uptown after
the papers [???]. Got mamma's
silver teapot. Maybee [???]
My: how it did [???]. The
Corticelli book came. Got two
cards from papa. Frank and
he have not got a deer yet.
Mr Joseph Murphy is at the
Opera House to-night in
"[???] Rhue".

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[GLOBAL]November 7-8, 1900

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