Diary Page 161



Diary Page 161


- Chaplin Saw Works burns in morning_
- Strauss concert at Opera House


November 5

Cleaned the sitting room this
morning. Washed some of the
little things. Did not get
throughuntil nearly four
o clock. Then mamma went
uptown. While she was gone
an awful wind came up and
I brought my fish in the
house. She borowed a [???]
of Mr Rane[?]. Got a sample picture
from Perry Co. Malden[?] Mass.

November 6

Cleaned the dining room. Chaplain's
saw works were burned this
morning. I went uptown the
afternoon. Ordered some oats
and meat. Was to post and office
Mr Wilson cheated me out of
3 [???] he said cocanut wafers
were 13~ instead of 12c a lt[?]. Met
Helen as I was coming home
and went back uptown
with her. We saw the fire.
Mrs Chatfeld called. I got a good
book out of the library "Edith
Vernon's Life Work". The [???]
concert was to-night in the
Opera House.

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[LOCAL]November 5-6, 1900

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