Diary Page 160



Diary Page 160


People: Eva, Miss Boyles, Tommy, Mr. Perry
Locations: Mrs. Sullivan's, Hodgin's


November 3

Took my music lesson.
Was to Mrs Sullivan's and
to Hodgin's for chickens.
Cleaned my fish and Eva
brought some candy she
made. Mamma and I put
on the second coat of paint
to kitchen floor. Was up to
Miss Boyles to see about
making me a waist. Got a
programme of the Straciss[?]
concert in Keating's. Got my
green skirt to-night.

November 4

Eva was over and borowed
two books. Went to church.
Sermon St. John II [???] verse
Mamma bought some candy
yesterday. Went to Sunday
School. Lesson "The Unjust
Steward". Had Miss Cleghorn.
Came down Church St with
[???] Rolls. Caught up to
Tommy and he came home
with me. Mamma and I were at
church in evening. Mr Perry
is starting a series of sermons.
lt. Matt I. The congregational
social is to be on the [???].

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