Diary pg 172 Nov27-28



Diary pg 172 Nov27-28


- "The Christian" at Opera House


nov 27
Muddy to-day Mrs O'Loughlin
called on mamma. I was
over to Lee's and coming
home. I saw Eva. She has
her pins. These are prettier
than the others.
Mamma was over to
Carman's. "The Wide Wide
World" and "Success" came
to-night. Finished my
harmony. Franck Overholt
gave papa six quail.

Nov 28
Helped mamma. Picked all
the quail, and chopped suet
raisins, & citron. Mamma made
a cake for the church. She
went up to the Auxiliary
& Ladies Aid so she took it
up. Came after our crokinole
board. Papa went as far as
the church with me. Had games
crokinole, Jenkin's up. Parcheesi & c.
Had quite a time finding my
crokinole men. Mr Roy Grobb [?]
was coming but he asked me
first. The "Christian" wsa
in the Opera House to-night.

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[LOCAL]November 27-28, 1900

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