Diary pg 170 Nov 23-24



Diary pg 170 Nov 23-24


- Collegiate Cadets concert


nov 23
This morning I went uptown
after my pins and to
change my library book.
Got "Leofwine the Monk".
Very nice day. Mamma
went uptown in the
afternoon. McLaren's and
Anderson's have their Christmas
things in. The Collegiate Cadets
have a concert to-night. Miss
Murray is to sing, Miss McCallum
recite and the flag is to be
presented to the cadets.

nov 24
Took my music lesson.
Mr Read was not there. He
stays at the college nights.
I have to harmonize "As pants
the Hart" in Soprano & Bass.
Eva brought the two little
Riley girls in this morning.
Leta came over in the
afternoon, and I went uptown
and home with her. Lathe [?]
Bogardus [?] was there. Mrs
Kellogg and Miss Kottmeier
were down in the

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[LOCAL]November 23-24, 1900

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Diary pg 170 Nov 23-24 Diary pg 170 Nov 23-24


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