Diary pg 169 Nov 21-22



Diary pg 169 Nov 21-22


- Played "Valse Arabesque", first on program_
- Death of Mrs Vale of Queen St.


nov 21
Mrs James Keyes called on
mamma & Mrs Coy yesterday
morning. Mrs Trusty is here.
Eva brought Phoebe a
Christmas a [sic] spoon. She is
selling pins to get a watch. Papa
took one. Beatrice came after
me at night. I played "Valse
Arabesque" by Lack. Mine was the
first on the programme. Miss Prior
sang "Tit for Tat" and Beatrice played.
Miss Bates gave a recitation. Fern
Healey, Roy Gobb & Mr Bradley gave

nov 22
My cold is worse than ever.
Have a cold in my head
Eva came over at night and
gave mamma a diamond
pin and papa a catseye for
a ring. "The Christian" Hall
Caine's book is coming to the
Opera House next Wednesday.
Mrs Vale on Queen St. is
dead. She was 90 yrs. old.
Rainy at night.

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[PERSONAL]November 21-22, 1900

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Diary pg 169 Nov 21-22 Diary pg 169 Nov 21-22


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